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Antomatic welded wire mesh machine line (mesh panel welding machines. mesh welding lines)
XFQ-01 Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine (mesh welding line,mesh welding plant)

1, Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.
2, Welding electronic control system: PLC digital system, one time pressing, separate welding. Precise control and stable function.
3,Wire laying devices: Auto weft wire feeding device. Easy to handle, high welding speed.
4, Wire mesh opening setting: PLC digital control.
5, Weft wire arranging: auto arranging.
6, Inner transformer: High efficient welding transformer. With 8 Grade adjustment. Welding Wire Range: 3-6mm;
Welding opening: 50x50-500x500mm;
                                                                        welded mesh making machines
Welding machine applied: Wire mesh fence, fencing mesh and welded mesh panel.

XFQ-2 Heavy Welded Mesh Panel Welding Machine (wire mesh panels machine)

This kind of welding machine is designed and produced with some state level patented technologies, and enjoys following features:

1, Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.

2, Welding Electronic Control System: Digital integration circuit control. Highly precise. Stable function.
3, Wire Laying Features: Weft wire feeding devices can be divided into auto feeding devices and hopper feeding devices.
4, Wire mesh moving: Flexible pull role and mesh fixing devices. Easyly adjustment of wire mesh. Precise mesh opening.
                                                                             mesh welding plant
5, This kind of welding machine can reduce material loss to minimum.
6, Inner transformer: With 8 grade adjustment. Welding wire diameter: 1.8mm-3.2mm
Welding opening: 50x50mm to 150x150mm
Welding width: 1200-4000mm
This kind of welding machine is mainly applied to welding of wire mesh fencing and big welded wire mesh panels.

XFQ-03 Three Dimensional Panel Machine(3D wire panels machine)
Three Dimensional Panel Machine 3D wire panels machine


construction panels, manufactured with a 3 dimensional wire strukture in acombination of 2 cover mesh layers interconnected by truss wires, with expanded Polysterene (EPS)-insulation core. It is a compact line, whose production process takes place in two main phases:
1.) Production of three-dimensional mesh panels from steel coils by means of a fullyautomatic mesh welder.
- Multiple welding machine with CNC-pitch feeding system to produce the flat mesh panels
- Multiple bending and welding machine to provide flat meshes with threedimensional rods
- Horizontal conveyor to transfer meshes toward assembling machine
2.) Assembling of structural panel by means of an automatic line. It consists of following main units:
- Assembling system to press three-dimensional frames into polysterene core
- Multible welderwith CNC-pitch feeding system to weld together structural panels
- Automatic stacking device to eject and pile up finished panel outside the line
Electric current: 75kW
Max. intermittent welding power: 50 kVa
Welding current duty cycle: 5 %
Air compressor power: 3m 3/ min o.6Mpa
Width of panels: 1200 mm
Length of panels: min. 2500 mm, longer panels in steps of 00/40mm
Insulation core thickness: 100 40 mm
Cover mesh: 50 x 50 mm openings
Wire diameter: f 1.8- f 3.8 mm as standard size proposed for load bearing walls, slabs and roofs. Plain wire quality. Also 2 longitudinal plaster runners as V-stamp of 20 mm.
Spacer wires: In tuss configuration at 100 mm or 200 mm spacing.
Wire diameter 3.8 mm galvaniced wire quality.
Insulation core: EPS, desteny approx. 15 20 kg/m3
100 mm - 40 mm thickness.
Output speed :
Based on a 300 working days per year, each with 8 hours and assumed efficiency factor of 60 % (depending on local conditions), this results in a max. net output of pprox.300.000 m2 per year and per one working shift on a thuss step of 200 mm and in a max. net output of approx. 220.000 m2 per year and per one working shift on a truss step of 100 mm. Hard drawn wire for cover mesh and for splice mesh:3 mm diameter, minimum yield strengsth of 500 to 550 N/mm2, maximum carbon contend 0.15 %, clean wiresurface, no rust, rease, oil, paint or drawing compounds to insure smooth flow of the welding current. Galvanized wire for spacer (truss) wires:3.8 mm diameter, minimum yield strenth of 700 N/mm2, maximum carbon content 0.15 %, clean wire surface and uniform zinc coating.

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